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About Me

Who is the Bloggler?

He is a married bloke, dad and grandad living in retirement in Greater Manchester, England.  Despite being a sprightly 67 year old, living a life of retirement pleasure and who wants for nothing, he is nevertheless a grumpy old man who is becoming more and more intolerant of the world around him.  However this affliction hasn’t completely robbed him of his sense of humour, nor his ability to see the good in life if he tries hard enough.  

Anyway, that’s enough writing about me in the third person. My name is Paul and welcome to my little Blog!

I wanted to call this ‘Man on the Blog’ but someone beat me to it.

What do I Blog about?

My Blog does not focus on a particular topic or interest.  I am prone to write about anything that takes my fancy, i.e. life, my issues with technology and the internet, stupidity, celebrity, and my love of music of all types and my interest in photography.   This blog is essentially a potpourri of observations, opinions and experiences from a man growing old with attitude.  My posts are influenced by events in my everyday life, my likes and dislikes and of course whatever mood I’m in. 

Hopefully, I can balance my rants and increasing intolerance with much of the world with good humour and positivity.

Why did I start this Blog?

I was bored one afternoon back in May 2020 and thought – why not?

Despite having various interests, I had time on my hands.   The Kung Flu had scuppered many of my/our favourite activities like going to the gym, the pub and socialising in general.  Also, I felt I wanted to do something creative and challenging after my retirement from a long and demanding career as a chartered Town Planner. 

I thought blogging would encourage me to be more outgoing in the world of social media, provide a platform for me to share my rants (which are many), but allow me to share the positive stuff I come across.

I also thought it would be nice to share my love of music (all genres) and photography.

I am very much a ‘WordPress’ beginner (having moved from ‘Blogger’) so hopefully my WordPress site will improve as I learn how to use it and my offerings and ramblings will become more worthy of a visit.

 So thank you for reading and drop in for a cup of e-tea any time.

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