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Legal Stuff


Disclaimer, Terms etc.


This is my personal blog and I am responsible for the content.  I receive no income from it. My posts reflect my life, mood and understanding and opinions at the time the post is written, but not necessarily forever. (Over time my thoughts and opinions may change.)  All opinions expressed here are my own.


Unless stated in the blog post, I’m the copyright holder of all texts and photos on this site and my Flickr account.  Where photographs are not taken by me, credit will be given to the copyright holder where known.  If you’d like to publish, reproduce, copy or download any content, please ask for my consent first by using my Contact page.

Personal Offence

I might occasionally say something stupid and inaccurate but I will try my best to not knowingly injure, defame, libel or offend anyone. However, in my posts I could criticise or poke fun at anyone or anything, especially Celebrities.  Feel free to disagree with me or pull me up if I go too far.  If you disagree with something I say I won’t be offended so neither should you. If you find my views and opinions uncomfortable to read, please free to close the window and not return.


Comments made on blog posts will be made public after I have reviewed them.  I reserve the right to delete any comment for any reason whatsoever – like abusive, profane, rude, anonymous comments, and spam.


If you like one of my posts, feel free to link to it. The blog posts on my site may contain links to external websites of which I’m not responsible for.


Well, that’s the Legal Stuff out of the way.   Hope you like my Blog and drop in any time!

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