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Monday Window – Lymm windows

Hi, I’m new to Monday Window – a photographic challenge hosted by photographer/blogger, Ludwig Keck.

I’ve always found doors and windows to have their own ‘beauty’ (architectural, historical or functional) and ‘mystery’ (what lies beyond?).

For my first attempt, I am including some photographs of shop front fascias and a pub fascia from my archives. These were taken in Lymm, Cheshire, England. Its a charming little place with a characterful historic centre (much of it a ‘Conservation Area’) and there are some great building frontages.

My first is the local butcher’s shop window which is of traditional design with a recessed doorway and tasteful advertising. Its so inviting (so long as you are not a vegetarian).

The second shop (adjoining the butchers) is equally pleasing aesthetically with tasteful advertising/lettering and an engaging window display.

This last one for this week is a nearby old pub with traditional Georgian style sash windows. Its interior is also ‘traditional’ and unfussy and the place just happens to serve by favourite beer – John Willie Lees bitter.

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