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#Sunday Stills -Feathered Friends

Today on Terri Webster Schrandt’s Sunday Stills Photography Challenge, the topic is ‘Feathered Freinds’. Here are some of my snaps featuring our feathered friends.

Eagle and Trainer at National Centre for Birds of Prey, Helmlsey, Yorkshire
Fine looking Rooster

What a show-off

Crane punk rocker

Duck Family on route march

Swan-ning about, Lake Garda, Italy
Noisy Geese in Delph, Oldham
Hungry seagulls in Aldeburgh, Suffolk (they could smell our fish and chips)
Father and daughter feeding Pigeon friends in Crete

Author: Paul

I am a retired, married bloke, dad and grandad - growing old with attitude.

8 thoughts on “#Sunday Stills -Feathered Friends”

  1. These are wonderful shots of your bird choices and a great variety, Paul. You’ve captured their personalities so well! The Mallard duck dad looks like he’s scolding the ducklings to hold the line! That eagle looks big, but if you can imagine, the American Bald Eagle is almost twice that size! Great to see your post for Sunday Stills!


  2. Those are great photos. The in-flight ones are really impressive. When we visited the Yorkshire centre I was particularly impressed by the owls who seemed quite sociable and great fliers.


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