Caught out by Technology

Hermes and Tesla owners got caught out by technology this week.

Hermes the distribution company delivered a parcel for my wife the other day. We were out at the time but Hermes helpfully informed her by email that the parcel had been delivered and placed in our front porch. We wondered how that was possible as we had locked our front porch door when we went out. When we looked at the photographic evidence that our courier, Mohammed had attached to the email it was clear that he had left the parcel on a flagstone somewhere and clearly not near our porch.  We discovered after knocking on neighbours doors that he had left it unannounced outside a neighbour’s front door.

The technology revealed, therefore, that Mohammed wasn’t very good at his job. He couldn’t be bothered or was in too much of a rush to do his job right and didn’t care that the parcel could have been stolen or damaged. Still, I know Mohammed is a regular good guy because in the email, it says he likes watching sports on tv and enjoying a good meal out. Like I give a s***.

A year ago, Hermes told us our ordered picture frames had been left in the porch, when in fact they had been dropped over our 2 metre high garden fence onto flagstones. Needless to say the frames were in pieces and had to be returned. On that occasion the porch door was unlocked and the parcel could have been left out of view.

Shape up Hermes !

On Friday I read a news item on the BBC website that Technology caught up with Tesla on Friday as around 500 Tesla owners were locked out of their cars because of an outage in its server which meant that owners’ phone apps, needed to gain entry and start the car, wouldn’t work. I’m not sure what ‘outage’ actually means, but I read it as ‘broken server’. It just shows that technology can make things convenient but if you rely on it all the time you can get caught out. Also, a phone can get hacked and it’s one reason I don’t use apps for everything and don’t pay for things with my smartphone.

Author: Paul

I am a retired, married bloke, dad and grandad - growing old with attitude.

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