#SundayStills – Burlywood

I’ve never heard of the colour ‘burlywood’ but it is apparently a thing, and it has its own hexadecimal colour code #deb887.   Some definitions say it is a ‘light brown, sandy colour’ and some say its a ‘sandy, light brown colour’.  I can live with either.

But what photographs in my collection should I look up for the ‘Burlywood’ Sunday Stills Photo Challenge hosted by Terri at Second Wind Leisure Perspectives

I know! Photos with ‘sand’ in them. But not white sand, yellow sand or red sand….  Light brown sand.

My best offer is a collection of photos taken in the desert south of Dubai.  They were taken in 2016 whilst visiting my daughter and her husband who lived there for three years.  

The sand dunes are pretty impressive and we had great fun doing a desert safari in a Toyota land cruiser with a crazy driver.

Driver resting whilst engine and gearbox cool down.

The dunes don’t look that big until you try and walk up them.

My daughter looking cool in the desert heat.

Author: Paul

I am a retired, married bloke, dad and grandad - growing old with attitude.

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