#SundayStills – Your best black and white photos

This week’s photography challenge (hosted by Terri Webster Schrandt at her site, Second Wind Leisure Perspective) is ‘Your best black and white photos’. 

I take very few black and white photos although I did resolve to take more after I watched an inspiring tv film documentary, ‘Don McCullin: Looking for England’.  (The film is an fascinating and entertaining a photographic journey which McCullin took in search of his own nation.) You are bound to have seen some of the 83 year old photojournalist’s work – either his war photography or his powerful photographs of urban life.  

I was also inspired after looking through some of my Dad’s old black and white photos.  Photography was his hobby back in the 50s. and I am always impressed by the detail which the analogue camera and his patient processing produced.  They are all in albums and boxes.

Whilst I have experimented using black and white mode on my camera or using photoshop to convert colour to black and white, I am rarely satisfied with the outcome.  I like colour and I think most and subjects strike me as worth taking because of the colour combinations. 

Anyway, these may or not be my best but I think they work OK in black and white………


Old Guys in Spain

Buskers in Hebden Bridge, Yorkshire


Beamish, Living Museum of the North

 Beamish again. I tried to make shot this look old.

Author: Paul

I am a retired, married bloke, dad and grandad - growing old with attitude.

5 thoughts on “#SundayStills – Your best black and white photos”

  1. Wow, Paul, your B&Ws look amazing. The genre really does lend itself to photographing architecture and people. that Venice shot is gorgeous!


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