#SundayStills – Rain

This week’s photography challenge (hosted by Terri Webster Schrandt at her site, Second Wind Leisure Perspective) is ‘Rain’.

I hesitate to enter these photographs, because they are not technically or artistically that good.

In fact it seems these are the only photographs featuring rain that I can find without trawling through  my back-up discs.

This reminds me that I avoid rain as much as possible (not easy living in the north west of England),  and that I have not been inspired by rain as a photographic subject. However, Terri’s challenge proves that rain is a great subject and with a bit of creativity and lateral thinking, shooting in the rain can be a great chance to take very distinctive shots.  Having seen the entries, I can see how rain can be used to create photographic art, to show the beauty and power of nature, and to set the mood for a scene. I have been inspired to try harder!

I think the beauty of rain as a subject is that not all rain is the same.  Raindrops, mist, drizzle, thunderstorms, mixed with wind, sun and light provide limitless opportunities for an interesting shot.

Just to provide a bit of context for my photographs, these were taken in Nice, on the Cote d’Azur in late February 2018.  We had gone for a week’s break to enjoy the Nice Carnival which is one of the largest  carnivals in the world and transforms the Riviera city into a riot of colour for two weeks. We had enjoyed the Carnival in two previous years and had great weather.  However, we were not so lucky in 2018.  It actually snowed for the first time in umpteen years during the Carnival and most of the time it was drizzly and very cold.   However, the weather did not spoil the fun or deter the dancers, musicians and participants from making it a great success. Well done Nice!

The photograph below shows the Promenade Des Anglais, almost deserted in the rain, but soon to be full of walkers, joggers and cyclists a couple of hours later.  The rain and mist may have taken away the wonderful light and colours you get here, even in the winter, but notice how the sea, as always, provides a wonderful blue tone as though it is lit from below. 


Author: Paul

I am a retired, married bloke, dad and grandad - growing old with attitude.

5 thoughts on “#SundayStills – Rain”

  1. Love these…while I'm not a fan of rain, I love watching it from inside, or while it's still dry and observing the storm clouds.


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