#SundayStills – Things that are White

Sunday Stills’ is a photography challenge with a weekly theme. It is hosted by Terri Webster Schrandt at her site, Second Wind Leisure Perspective. Terri’s challenge this week is ‘Things that are White’ and this is my entry.

When I looked for examples of ‘things that are white’ in my photographs, all I found, apart from a few images of white flowers and breaking surf, was… white buildings.  I realised I had taken quite a lot, especially in Mediterranean places.  Why was this?  Why am I attracted to white buildings?

The town planner in me had to analyse this and this is what I think….

  • White buildings look fresh, have a calming appearance and impart a brighter look;
  • White is suitable for all architectural design styles, modern and traditional buildings and therefore helps to blend old and new large and small into a homogenous scene; 
  • White is nicely reflective and therefore reflects the changing colours of the day and produces different shades of white in the shadows;
  • White buildings create a sharp contrast with other building materials and makes you more aware of the colours of nature around the buildings, i.e. vivid blue skies, lush green landscapes, plants and flowers and coloured doors and windows.  
I hope my choice of white buildings appeal to you.

Frigiliana, Spain
Frigiliana, Spain

Frigiliana, Spain

Shop in Frigiliana, Spain

Ronda, Spain
El Salvador Church, Nerja, Spain
Puig de Missa Church in Santa Eulalia, Ibiza
Nerja, Spain

Author: Paul

I am a retired, married bloke, dad and grandad - growing old with attitude.

7 thoughts on “#SundayStills – Things that are White”

  1. Personally, I LOVE white buildings, Paul! Especially those you chose that represent the Mediterranean lifestyle. It's so clean and colors just pop all around the white washed walls. Love these!


  2. I've never heard of Frigiliana but it looks lovely in your photos! I like the way you've analysed what draws you to photograph white buildings in particular, and it made me realise that I tend to do the same 🙂 For me I think it is all about contrast and impact, especially if I see a white building with colourful paintwork on door and/or windows, or on a day when the sky is a deep blue.


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