Me and My Music

You might have noticed that ‘My Music’ page has gone, but you most probably have not.  When I started this Blog, I thought it would be great to feature my love of music – either through my various posts or a dedicated ‘Music’ page.  I love listening to and discussing music with friends but this would allow me to share what I liked with anyone out there, and I would discover new music through discussions with other Bloggers – a more sociable and enjoyable pastime than just spending hours on Spotify.

So, on ‘My Music’ page, I started off recommending songs from old and new bands just as they struck me at the time. I provided a few notes and a video link. But, however wonderful and eclectic my choices were, I began to wonder if it was just a bit indulgent. Why should anyone choose to listen to my random music choices without the benefit of some opinion or interesting background information?  I decided it wasn’t engaging enough to encourage readers to return on a regular basis. 

It was never intended to be like a proper music blog because I don’t see myself as an expert on any particular genre of music. I haven’t the talent or the artistic verbiage to wax lyrical about a song. I haven’t the in-depth knowledge of any particular genre or era to write with great authority.  ‘My Music’ was just about tunes I liked and there was no discernible logic to what I’d chosen and why.  It had no mission, no ‘niche’, no ESP.  So I sacked it. I pulled the page.

But the thing is, I am still keen to feature music and share my thoughts with the world.   A personal blog will by nature feature my personal opinions and thoughts but how can I better engage with, challenge and entertain readers?  Where should I start? What should I call it? What kind of stuff would people want to read and check out?  

I’ve come up with a few ideas (see below) and I would really appreciate any thoughts on these.  Which would interest you?  Also let me know if you have any ideas that might inspire and focus me.   

Check them out and let me know what you think in the Comments box or the Contact Form (top right Menu).   

  • Why I like this song so much
  • Musician Focus, including…
    • My Favourite Drummers
    • My Favourite Keyboard Players
    • My Favourite Vocalists
    • My Favourite Guitarists
  • My favourite concerts/gigs
  • The best gigs I never got to
  • My playlists
  • My latest purchase
  • Music Rewind  
  • Music in Books and Films    

Author: Paul

I am a retired, married bloke, dad and grandad - growing old with attitude.

5 thoughts on “Me and My Music”

  1. I think any or all of those would be fine! As you know, I share a lot of music, but have always found it hard to work out why people keep coming back, or why one post is more popular than another. The best advice I can give, from a position of no knowledge whatsoever, is share whatever you want – your enthusiasm for the music will attract people.


  2. Your list covers loads of possibilities! I have no idea why people visit my music posts, or why some are more popular than others. From a position of no knowledge whatsoever, all I can say is post about music you like and let your enthusiasm shine through.


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