The Pandumbic is spreading.

As if Covid 19 isn’t dangerous enough, it seems there is another pandemic threatening to kill us all. It’s a deadly strain of ‘stupidity’.

In America it has become known as the ‘Pandumbic’, after the ‘The Daily Show’ host Trevor Noah mocked President Trump’s inaction on the Coronavirus in a fake trailer for a terrifying movie called PANDUMBIC. It is described in the ‘Urban Dictionary’ as a condition contracted by:

“An idiot, not necessarily, but typically of a younger age, who refuses to believe that COVID-19 is real and thereby exposes themselves and others to great harm. A paragon of Darwinian failure. A fucktard by any other name.”

And I reckon it has infected over half the population of England and that the R rate is out of control.

The scientific evidence is there for all to see in the News: the antisocial behaviour found in mass gatherings on Bournemouth beaches, the Yobbishness and mass demonstrations on city streets, football fans partying in Liverpool and the late night parties and raves being held across the country etc.. There is no excuse for any of these – even the ‘Black Lives Matter’ gatherings. I saw a woman on TV saying you can’t compare these demonstrations with the pleasure led selfishness of those swamping Bournemouth beach because the protests were ‘necessary’. Later in the interview she said that black, Asian and some other ethnic groups were more likely to contract Covid 19 than white people. Was this to demonstrate how brave the protestors were or how stupid they were? Now I watched the tv coverage and whilst demonstrators were for the most part peaceful and orderly, except of course the far right scum attacking them and the Police, social distancing and mass mask wearing was not happening. That makes them irresponsible as far as I am concerned and her – another victim of the pandumbic.

Every day we see covid stupidity. The Government’s watchwords are ‘Stay Alert’ but for many people with the pandumbic, this translates to ‘Stay Oblivious’. I am talking about the numpties who don’t even try to follow the arrows in the supermarket, who handle very item in the chiller cabinets, who stand or stagger about with a mobile phone stuck to their ear obstructing aisles in the shop, who think taking the entire family of kids and grandparents into the supermarket is a good idea, and who have no concept of social distancing or common courtesy.

Last week we saw our grandkids in the garden for the first time since lockdown and it was wonderful despite not being able to hug them. We long to do that before lockdown is reinstated and for the opportunity to go to the pub or the seaside and visit those attractions which are prepared covid-safe and (critical for a man of my advancing years) which have functioing toilets. But I fear that no matter how well businesses prepare and take  precautions, Johnny Stupid will completely abuse them and thereby keep me away.

And what happens when everybody who has still got a job goes back to work? Hygiene is not a strong British attribute in my view and frequent wiping down and handwashing will soon be forgotten.

So spikes and further lockdowns seem inevitable as the Pandumbic combines with Covid 19.  Re my last Blog, I think it’s only a matter of time before we get Netflix. Also, we are considering an upgrade to Zoom Premium, because I think we’re going to be talking in those little boxes for a while longer.

Author: Paul

I am a retired, married bloke, dad and grandad - growing old with attitude.

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